I Wanna Be Where You Are – Camron Crowe

My name is Camron. I have always appreciated how music can make us feel so many emotions. I love writing music and watching how each song I have different struggles in making it complete. I think it is so amazing how we change with the music that we listen to and even act differently. My song is called “I Wanna Be Where You Are”.

This song is about a special person that you care about that you always want to be with. I think we all have someone who makes us feel special and of course you want to be around that person and reciprocate that kindness. My Nana passed away due to cancer and I don’t think anyone deserves to have a loved one taken too soon. I hope that my music can be helpful to others so please vote. Thank you 🙂

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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I absolutely love your song! Good luck with your pursuit in music. Definitely let people know when you have more songs. I would love to hear more!

  2. Brian Ballard
    Brian Ballard says:

    Cameron, I really like your new song. You have an awesome voice. I have been writing songs since 1974. I just landed a distributing deal with R Legacy Entertainment for my religious musical “The Coming of our Lord” (an LDS work) January 1997-2014. 17 years. A long time to wait. Learning patience and to wait on the Lord. I’m just glad the second coming hasn’t happened yet. Keep writing those great songs…JBB


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