She Walks In Beauty – Joel Ansett

My name is Joel Ansett and I’m a singer/songwriter living in Denver, CO. My creativity motto is inspired by Emily Dickinson: “Tell the Truth, tell it slant.” Music aside, I love my wife, mountains, college basketball, and lemonade.

A few years ago my sister and I wrote a song to encourage our mother in her own battles with breast cancer. A few weeks ago we decided to release the song to the public in hopes of encouraging more women who are walking through cancer. The song is called “She Walks in Beauty.” The goals for the song are 1) for every woman who is battling breast cancer to hear the song and find healing and hope in knowing that even as their bodies fail them, in Christ they are offered an eternal beauty that will never perish, spoil, or fade; and 2) for the song to be a fundraising engine for charitable organizations helping women fight through breast cancer.

For these first two months of the song release, all of the profit made from song sales will be donated to an amazing charity called Little Pink Houses of Hope. After those two months pass, another charity will be chosen to receive funds from the song, and another charity after that. It is my hope that everyone battling breast cancer will hear this song and be encouraged with the promise that even as their physical beauty fades and their bodies fail, there is beauty in their suffering. The real kind. The kind of beauty that lasts. Beauty that is brave in the face of tragedy. Beauty deeper than our eyes can see. The song promises that “She who walks in beauty, walks on.” We want this song to be an anthem of hope for breast cancer patients.

I hope this song can serve as a tribute to the thousands of women who are walking in true beauty in the midst of their battle with cancer.


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