Tightrope – Eve Soto

Eve Soto’s is a highly sought vocalist whose graceful vocal style is dynamic and timeless.

The song Tightrope is  written by Eve Soto and is about the challenges  that we have to face in life alone. We have our faith our religion and belief in ourselves and this gives us the courage to move forward.

Eve wants to share this song about the hardship we face in life but we have to keep pressing forward to get to the other side. She stands with Songs For Life in the cause to accelerate cancer research.

More about Eve

Eve Soto’s professional music conquest includes collaborations with Crave Records (owned by Mariah Carey, Universal records, Sony records, (Various independent record labels), American Idol Contestants (Travis Orlando & Ashley Flow, Vocal coach to Broadway stars Jennifer Mollet “The Color Purple, coached pageant winners Miss Teen N.Y. 2007- Jazmyn Lyttle – Hylton and Miss Teen N.Y. 2009 – Jessica Aponte. She work with artist such as Dave Hollister, Case, Evette Michelle, Vocal produced “Knockoff” -Angelica Salem (AMS Records) feat. Lil Kim.

At the present Eve Soto is working on Her New Album with Producer Joe Wize of Indiggo Child Records (www.indiggo.com). Her EP soon to be released in Summer 2015.

Eve is the creator of the ReadyToSing (www.readytosing.net) voice lessons and vocal exercise program. This multiple CD collection is distributed by Itunes, Amazon and other digital distributors.

Once the listener is engaged, in one of Eve’s musical musings, the premise starts to reveal its intent with the promise of more.

With such a grand ability one has to ask “is the writing in the storytelling or is the storytelling in the writing?”

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