ThePianoGuys – Al van der Beek

Al van der BeekAl van der Beek is a member of ThePianoGuys, a You Tube and Sony music sensation. As music producer and songwriter, he joined ThePianoGuys in 2011 and was instrumental launching them into the wildly popular group they are today. In 2012 they signed with Sony and their first three major-label albums The Piano GuysThe Piano Guys 2, and A Family Christmas each reached number one on the Billboard New Age Albums and Classical Albums charts.

Al opened his own recording studio in 2004 and ran it for several years before he went full time with ThePianoGuys in May of 2011. He plays the roles of producer, songwriter, sound engineer, choreographer and fashion police. He is an optimist and a jokester, and he loves the guys he works with. To sum up his outlook on his musical journey as one of the “PianoGuys”, Al says, “I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing opportunity. To do what I love. To create and share uplifting and inspiring music with the world. I feel this is truly something that I have been destined to do in life and I’m so grateful every day.”