My Before and After – Steven G. Smith

I wrote this song several years ago to my wife and best friend Susan Lutz. We lost her to cancer last December after a heart wrenching battle that she fought bravely. Maybe one day I could write something about the experience but it’s way too soon now so I offer this tribute to a wonderful woman from a happier time. The songs title is “My Before And After”. It’s about how she stood by me through a transformative time.

I’m a 58 year old man whom drives a truck by day and writes songs to create a little art in my life. Susan Lutz was a Clinical Dietitian who’s main passion in life was working with cancer patients. Getting cancer patients to eat enough is one of the biggest challenges in their struggle to survive. Ironically, even with her years of training, Sue faced the same challenge. Her appetite evaporated. I hope some of the proceeds of this endeavor are allocated for this issue.