I Will Listen – Diana Hallare

 This song, “I’ll Listen”  is an original by me, Diana Hallare. I dedicate it to patients and survivors of cancer/rare disease, as well as their loved ones and caregivers — who all need a compassionate ear and a supportive community. A few years ago, I did my thesis about cancer patients, survivors, and their beloved — how they needed confidantes, for instance. Yet I myself have experienced the loss of peers, one of them to cancer. I also have one friend who thrives today despite her daily struggles due to her rare bone disorder.

I understand that whether we or someone close to us goes through a drastic experience, our emotional burden can be lightened once we speak up, especially to someone we can trust. My first aim with this tribute is to raise awareness for the need of social and emotional support among those affected by serious illness. I hope this will be translated into compassionate action: even a smile or hug. Second, I wish for these individuals to feel loved. Third, I would like to encourage people to keep hoping and moving forward, toward a cure.

About the Performers:

Lance Elep is an eight-year-old friend residing in California. He is featured in this song, and he participated with parental consent because he wanted to help.

About Diana Hallare: One of my biggest roles today is being a creative communications coach, with passions in singing, writing, public speaking, and health. My educational background includes degrees in public health and science; I am also a doctoral student in leadership studies, which I aim to apply in social entrepreneurship. Currently, I live in California — from where I can share the gift of compassion with someone across the street, the nation or the globe.