By My Side – Claudia Villeda

I wrote this song when I was going though the lowest point of my life. You see I was debating if I should take my own life or not. I know it sounds crazy and disappointing especially while there are people trying to fight to stay alive. However, I was fighting my own internal fight. I come from a Hispanic and very religions family which I love with all my heart. But I had a secret that I had carried since I was a child and I was getting so tired of carrying it. I was/ am gay and coming out to my family seems like a dream. Like that was never going to be an option. This song talks about someone that I love and didn’t want to lose. Someone that I was afraid of letting completely in and they were tired of trying to love me as I was pushing them back. When I finished the song my family and friends loved it! But you see what they didn’t know at that time is that I was sing to a women. Because in the song I never mention a gender. This song gave me some hope, some courage to keep moving forward to what I didn’t know at that time. I just knew that there might be some hope and at that point that’s all I need to know.

I am a women, a poet, a dancer, an artist, a Dj, a photograph , a daughter , a sister, an aunt and friend. Most importantly I am a human being that is not perfect. If you want to know more of me you can go to my instagram: oohpredon

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