Sacred Geometry – Russ Steele

This song is all about numbers and how those numbers are ever entwined in our destiny. The lyrics were written after I had a few cosmic/angelic experiences during cancer treatments. I survived solely for the purpose of letting people know that cancer is not always a death sentence. It can actually be an awakening to higher thinking.

I am a singer/songwriter,a professional working musician & a cancer survivor!

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  1. Ty Ford
    Ty Ford says:

    Sounds like someone like the group Chicago. Nice horn arrangements! I’ve been using the term “sacred geometry” for about 8 years now, but as a way to describe a body of knowledge used by old school recording engineers like Rudy Van Gelder who use bi-directional ribbon mics and set them up to record an entire group in one room with just a few well chosen and well placed mics.

    Yes, Russ, an awakening. I had already written a song called “Existential Boogie – (be here now)” It was a folk song when I first wrote it, but turned into something completely different as I got to recording and producing it.

    This was before I had a hemorrhagic brain stem stroke in 2007. Talk about a life changing experience. Because of the way the event unfolded, (long story) I took courses in healing and have just returned from a two week intensive with noted Qigong master Robert Peng,

    People talk about the miracles happening around us. Some are truly beyond our ability to understand. I think this is because they happen in a higher dimension than ours. We’re just not wired to understand. There’s a book called “Flatland” that helps to convey the idea that multiple dimensions.

    Keep up the good work! What happens when one submits a song?


    Ty Ford

  2. Bruce Calvert
    Bruce Calvert says:

    Great song RUSS! Got my Prostate Cancer diagnosis 2 1/2 yrs ago I was fortunate to find it early. “Active Surveillance” was a reasonable treatment plan for me. (Quarterly bloodwork and exams. And annual biopsy) My last biopsy in May was clear I am not “cured” but there has been no advance of the Cancer. My doctors and I agree to stick with the active surveillance protocol With some diet and lifestyle improvements and healthy doses of PRAYER and HGRATITUDE. I’m not lucky. I AM BLESSED.


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