October – Holly Arballo

I wrote the song, October, in the fall of 2014. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Vermont where fall is the most famous. For this reason, fall has always been my absolute favorite time of year. I love everything about it. On one particular fall day, I was sitting outside, while looking up at the top of all the Aspen trees, marveling at all of the world’s beauty this time of year, and that was when I was first inspired to write this song. To me, its not just about how pretty the surroundings are, but about the feeling this time of year gives me, and also knowing that this was made for me by something even bigger than me. Knowing that when I am alone in the woods experiencing fall, I actually am not really alone at all.

My name is Holly Arballo and I have been playing the guitar and writing songs since I was 13 years old. Growing up around that age, my family was going through a lot of really messy trials and my older brother moved out when he was 16. My brother was truly my best friend growing up. Our parents were divorced since we were very little and they both lived across the country from each other so he and I had traveled together back and forth for years as a little team. We were so close. So of course I was very sad when he left. I would sometimes go and sit in his old bedroom when I was lonely, but there was one thing he left, an old 3-stringed guitar. Sometimes I would try to play it even though it was missing most strings! I started learning just the melody lines with the top string and showed my parents. They decided it was probably about time to put some more strings on the guitar, and then I just sprung from there. I was, and still am self-taught to this day. With a good amount of musical background in my family, I surprisingly still do not know or understand music theory at ALL, so everything I do is by ear. In high school choir, we would have music theory exams and I would fail every single one of them! However, I am currently going to school for music and am excited to be starting to learn and grow more in the industry that I love. But the reason I wanted to participate in this contest is because I have experienced the loss of a few close family friends over the years to cancer. I could never begin to understand what they and their families have gone through. I am so happy to have found a foundation that has made it possible for me to donate and share my talents with. I just hope that whoever hears the songs that I have written, that it will truly inspire them. The reason I write is to inspire, and to remind people of the little things in life that we all sometimes take advantage of. The simple things, the things that, in the end, matter most. There is always something to look up to no matter how hard life can be, and if one person has been reminded of that by listening to what I have written, then to me, I have succeeded.

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  1. john hill
    john hill says:

    I want more Holly ! Very very good with exceptional feeling. I’ve fallen for your music. Keep up the great work – your voice is unique and inspiring,.

  2. Robert Douglas
    Robert Douglas says:

    Love the song and love your voice. You probably don’t know me but I am an old friend of your mom and dad. I remember you when you were very little.
    I wish you the best!

  3. Robert Douglas
    Robert Douglas says:

    I loved the song and your voice is very pretty. You probably don’t know me but I am an old friend of your mom and dad.
    Good luck to you! You are definitely talented!

    • Holly Arballo
      Holly Arballo says:

      Thank you so much Kari, I am so happy to hear your thoughts on my song and I am glad that you received the message of it!


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