Not In Nottingham – Ginger Bess and Daniel Simons

Growing up as a farm boy in Idaho all we really had for entertainment was radio and the occasional movie recorded from TV on VHS. One of my favorite songs was from Disney’s Robin Hood played over and over on a worn out video tape. Somehow I always related to the rooster minstrel, Alan-a-Dale, as he sang about hard times in Roger Miller’s “Not in Nottingham.” To this day the beautiful melody and simplicity of this tune has given me hope. Times do still get bad but somehow this tune makes me feel lucky that I don’t have to deal with worse like some people do. “We’d up and fly if we had wings for flying. Can’t you see the tears we’re crying’. Can there be some happiness for me?” It just makes me grateful for what I have and makes me want to help those who do not. So here’s an acoustic rendition recorded with my lovely wife Ginger Bess. Available on her album Give Me the Simple Life. and iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CDbaby and all that stuff. Thank you for allowing us to donate our recording to such a wonderful cause. Enjoy.

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