Never Give Up – Carol Tedrow and Tony Fields

After my husband Jim Tedrow was diagnosed in July 2007 with Stage 4 esophageal cancer at the age of 57, I was motivated to produce a cancer specific motivational song to help cancer patients keep their spirits uplifted. Jim’s never give up attitude and ability to continue enjoying our life together was inspiring to me and those around him. A valiant warrior in the fight, he passed away in February of 2009, living 19 months despite a three to six month prognosis.

Other than love and music, I thought the only other thing everyone could relate to is cancer, rather it be parents, a spouse, brother, sister, child, friend, co-worker. I collaborated with Tony Fields and Doug Decker, and “Never Give Up, No Never Give Up” was produced. Tony and I co-wrote the lyrics, while Doug composed the music. It’s a narrative ballad, a beautiful day, sun shining bright when the doctor called and test results were in…

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  1. Crystal Farr
    Crystal Farr says:

    This song has meaning to me and my family. Tony and Carol are great friends and when our cousin was dying of cancer we played this song for him and his wife. It was a great inspiration for us all. Love you all keep fighting and never give up


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