Lord Have Mercy – Brian Watts

This is a live version of one of the new songs we have been working on for our next CD. Although it is not directly about cancer, it tells of the struggles in life and how when we’re in pain, sometimes we get angry, blame GOD and turn away from HIM. Because we can become so wrapped up in what is happening in our lives, we may forget that GOD is there to help us when life’s problems become overwhelming and cause confusion. All we have to do is ask HIM. Hopefully in time, we realize we cannot get through it on our own and that’s when we call out LORD have mercy on me. We hope you like this song and thank you for voting for our other song, LORD I Pray!

Originally from Halifax Nova Scotia, now living in Ontario Canada with his wife and band-mate, Betty Anne; Brian Watts is a singer songwriter who composes original Christian songs with the aim to spread positive and inspirational messages of God throughout the world.

Brian Watts


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  1. Brian Watts
    Brian Watts says:

    This is a rough demo of our song but if it makes the cut I am sure with an awesome producers touch they would make it sound much better:)

    P.S. Betty Anne’s bass playing sure sounds great …

    Thank you all so much for your support,


  2. Paul Massel
    Paul Massel says:

    Brian- your music reaches the heart and soul of your listener- how beautifully God speaks through you! We ARE blessed! Paul


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