How Long Lord – Sue Watts

HOW LONG LORD – I got the inspiration for this song a few years ago after I had read in the Bible where the souls there had said ”How long oh Lord” until our companions come? The Lord comforted them by saying just wait a little longer.

This started me thinking about what a great idea this would be for a song and when I started writing the lyrics they came really fast thanks to the HOLY SPIRIT.
I always wanted to record this song as it speaks of where the church is now longing for THE BRIDE GROOM to return for His bride and finally this year I was able to recorded it

This song was produced this year by my son Brian Watts and is the first of six new songs from my upcoming E.P. titled “For His Glory”. Brian’s wife Betty Anne played guitar and bass and provided harmony vocals on all six songs.  Please vote for their two songs “Lord Have Mercy” and “Lord I Pray”:)

I am a singer songwriter musician, learned to sing by listening to my Irish mother singing lullabies when I was a child and my music talent must have come from my dad who was a musician and known across P.E.I as one of the great fiddle players on the island.

My only claim to fame ”as they say” is that I was born in the same house that Stompin’ Tom Connors was raised in.

Sue Watts

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