Just One Of Those Days – Kristina LaRae

I am a Christian artist who has performed all over the East coast in various churches, and have performed with Gospel Stars Kefia Rollerson and Brittany Wright. My desire to break down barriers and divisions in the Christian world has given me opportunities to perform for many diverse audiences for many good causes.

One of these causes is the “We Believe Foundation” which helps teens with cancer, and educates teens and families about cancer in young people. I have done multiple fundraising events with this organization to raise money to help with scholarships and to pay for things like prom and graduation costs, and medical bills.

In 2009, my step father was diagnosed with Cancer, and through our family’s work with the We Believe Foundation, we were educated and his cancer was detected early. He was successfully cured through surgery. I strongly believe in education and regular cancer screenings to help prevent death from cancer.

 “Just One of Those Days” was written to help me through some things I didn’t understand. As a child, I was always taught to pray for help with anything- even little things, like losing my keys, but that God was just as responsive to the big challenges in life, and just as in control. If we can put our day into perspective, no matter how bad it is- with God- it’s literally- JUST one of Those days! Tomorrow is always a new day!

Thank you for this opportunity to further help with this cause!

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  1. Jackson Caesar
    Jackson Caesar says:

    “Just one of those days…” Always a fan of your voice!
    This is a great song! It’s groovy and inspirational. I’m so proud of you! My fingers are crossed for you. I can totally hear this on commercials, see children singing the lyrics and dancing to this song.


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