I Will Say Goodbye (So Long Dex) – by Jenny Ahlstrom

My name is Jenny and I’m a multiple myeloma (blood cancer) survivor, diagnosed in 2010. After tandem stem cell transplants, I went on maintenance therapy that include a steroid called dexamethasone. “Dex,” as most myeloma patients call it, is a devil of a drug. It makes you stay up all night, makes you hyper-obsessive and let’s just say it’s not the greatest drug to be on if you want peaceful family relationships. Being on Dex was like being in a bad co-dependent relationship. You see some upside to it all, but are pretty convinced that it’s in your best interest to end it sooner rather than later. I wrote and recorded this song to say goodbye to my myeloma-killing but rage-inducing friend, Dex.

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  1. Debbie Neinstein
    Debbie Neinstein says:

    Your song is beautiful and rings true. My husband is a 10 year survivor of MM due to many chemo agents and Dex is my friend and my enemy. It’s “tyrannosaurus Dex”!! Thank you for this melody and lyric

  2. Georgia Anderson
    Georgia Anderson says:

    This is unbelievable. To hear that sweet voice singing brings me to absolute puddles. Thank you Jenny for the song. Thank you for your fight. Thank you mostly for your incredible faith-filled life.

  3. K. Pearce
    K. Pearce says:

    My daughter has asthma and we have used “Dex” before, but thankfully always as a last resort. It is a love/hate relationship for sure! Beautiful song.

  4. janice kr
    janice kr says:

    I love your song, your voice, your lyrics and your guitar playing! My friend is a survivor of MM and he loves your song…it makes him cry…And me too!
    Thank you for your uplifting music. I hope you are doing well with this insidious disease.


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