I am Not My Pain – Luke Hopkins

This song is dedicated to Jenny Ahlstrom who I met after donating a song to songs for life. Jenny is amazing for her strength and passion about helping others get through cancer with hope through music and building a community of support. I had never heard of myeloma but after visiting her blog and reading up on this type of cancer, it is an extremely difficult fight. So I tried to sing this song with the same kind of passion and emotion that Jenny displays on a daily basis. When I downloaded the lyrics to “I am Not My Pain”, I knew I wanted to sing the song and I hadn’t even heard the chords yet. But as I heard the chords, a melody started to come to me. My mom tells me that I have never sung this song the with the same melody twice and that is probably true. Each time I sing the song, different words take on new meaning to me and so they get a different emphasis or new note. So it was really fun to try and sing a song like this that I had never heard before because it felt like I was finally allowed to “color outside the lines…” So if it sounds like vocal scribble to you, you’ll know why…

I’m 12 years old and love to sing, eat In-and-Out burgers, work off the burgers at Planet Fitness while watching “Cupcake wars”. If I’m not in school, hanging with friends or cleaning my room, you can find me on my trampoline singing and doing back flips–(yes, at the same time). On Sunday evenings, you can find me at Hotel Park City, singing in the lobby.

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  1. Lamar Cummings
    Lamar Cummings says:

    I love this song, I’m Beyonces Show Operator I would love to see you perform at her show in LA on May 26. Best of Luck.


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