Hush – Giovanna Imbesi

“Hush” featuring Toni Peete was written in 2006 while recovering from surgery for neuroendocrine carcinoid cancer. The lyrics were inspired by a very special nurse who was part of my healing team and the song is dedicated to her, Adriana Arienti. It’s meant to inspire peacefulness and quiet in the midst of frightening medical diagnoses, surgery and facing the unknown of cancer treatment.

HUSH, featuring Toni Peete, vocals

Listen now, time to stop your worry now
just hush

Voices still, let the quiet still you now
just hush

Believe and hope will find the way

Never doubt I’m standing near to you
with every breath I’m sending love for you
Trust your heart to know you’re home at last
know that love is all
just hush
just hush
just hush

Open now, let your mind let go now
just hush

So peaceful now, let the stillness soothe you now
just hush

Produced and composed by Giovanna Joyce Imbesi
© 2006 Giovanna Joyce Imbesi

This past year has been a journey of unexplored territory – an opportunity to confront fear and death. It has been a chance to witness an unforeseen inner strength, one which still remains a Mystery to me. Life can change in a moment. For me this was September 26, 2005 – when I was diagnosed with a rare, yet manageable, cancer called neuroendocrine carcinoid. The idea for this CD had been in gestation for many years, yet it was my illness itself which showed me what to do. Sometimes the thing we’re seeking most is already within us, but just hasn’t been deemed worthy enough to be manifested. These meditative pieces were mostly improvisations caught on tape. Over the years, some of these had been written or recorded as gifts – for an ailing child, or a terminally ill parent. Because of my own experience, it occurred to me that others might find healing in these pieces as well. So began the journey of “Short Stories”. Forced to reckon with the healing of my body, I became intimately aware of the smallest details and gestures, found gratitude in little miracles and explored this awakening. I discovered that the physical healing, while extensive, pales in comparison to the blossoming of the heart. Previously unchallenged assumptions about life came tumbling down and I gave myself permission to trust in myself again. I chose to live each moment as a privilege, and embrace the unknown.

I am a composer, pianist and producer and have toured and performed with Dave Koz, Yanni, Anita Baker, Andy Summers from The Police and many others. I truly believe in the power of music to heal and am the founder of the Music Heals! concert series in Los Angeles. I lead the Patient Support group, LACNETS, which provides education and personal support for those diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer and their caregivers.


Photo: Bonnie Perkinson

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  1. carrie snelgrove
    carrie snelgrove says:

    I just found this!!!! Awesome!! Just beautiful & peaceful. I have carcinoid also. I was just diagnosed with uterine cancer in March 2014 which is unrealated to the carcinoid. This song is very touching. Thankyou!! Carrie


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