Here’s To Being Happy – Erica McCann

This song is called “Here’s to Being Happy” and was written about the challenges associated with depression. It’s message is meant to uplift and inspire those who may be struggling, and is a reminder that we can choose to be happy.  I’m donating it to cancer research because I’m hoping it can uplift those who are dealing with cancer and other trials, and help them remember to find the good in life, despite how hard it can be.

My name is Erica McCann and I’m a singer/songwriter. I’ve been writing music for over 12 years, and love having the opportunity to share my gift with others. I’ve performed on three Jenny Phillips CD’s (after winning 1st Place in her vocal competition), won 1st Place and the People’s Choice Award for songwriting at the Newnan, Georgia Kiwanis Talent Show Case, and have performed with various groups, including the Army Ground Forces Jazz Band. I love what I do, and love finding opportunities to do it.
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