Girl I Wanna Be – China Khoral

My name is China Khoral and I am almost seventeen. The reason I decided that I wanted to send in my song to Songs for Life was because although I don’t have cancer, I have an inherited bleeding disorder that affects my every day life. Consequently, some things are difficult for me to do and sometimes going through a day can be a struggle. As a result, I can relate to cancer patients in that their everyday life is not an easy stroll, but more of a steep hike that they take one step at a time. Though I have this quirk I do not let it stop me. I dance, sing, act, write, play sports, paint, draw, and lead a technical theater crew. I enjoy both sides of the stage and have come to live by this motto that “The harder I work the more luck I have.”

“Girl I Wanna Be” is about when I was being bullied through the end of elementary and throughout junior high. I was judged because of my personality, the way I dressed, and the fact that I liked to do what the boys did. Towards the end of my seventh grade year I was physically bullied by a boy twice my size. I was injured in such a way that my feet were two inches out of alinement. This was what broke me and taught me to forget what other thought and just be me.

A year ago I started taking composing lessons and made the choice to tell my story through music. I hope that through this song others may be able to stand, let their flame burn, and be the person they wanna be. This is my song for life.

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  1. Anastasia
    Anastasia says:

    I’m a fan of your mom’s craft site and a cancer survivor/patient….not to mention a victim of bullying long ago before there was even a name for it. I love your song and wish you luck and “the path of a true human being.” You seem to be well on your way. Anastasia

    • wendy harbaugh
      wendy harbaugh says:

      thank you for your nice words about my blog. Also thank you for your nice words to my daughter. We have had three family members die in the last few years from cancer one from pancreatic, one from testicular and one from blood cancers. China did not mention that in here submittance letter. I think all people are surviors in cancer the person who has it and the relatives and friends that are teh support system behind the cancer patient. I miss my mother in law, my uncle and mygrandfather in law so much they were great people. lots of love Wendy “sunshine” Harbaugh

  2. Renee
    Renee says:

    I really loved your song….you could tell that the words were from your heart.

    So thankful you have shared this with all of us….I am sure that your story will help many!!

  3. Keisha
    Keisha says:

    Nicely done! I love your singing voice and the lyrics are powerful too. I wish you the best with this and future musical creations.

  4. jaynette
    jaynette says:

    Love you China. You’re an amazing young lady as well as your sisters. You guys are so beautiful and strong inside and out and I am so proud to have you as nieces. Love you!


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