Get Up Again – Tony Frates

This instrumental piece started just over the past few weeks (in October of 2014) and was just recorded for the first time a few days ago in early November. Frustrated by several things that didn’t go the way I would have liked, its working title was “Bulldozed” but as I started to play with it more, it morphed into something more positive and hopeful than that and more in the category of “don’t give up” and hence the title (“Get Up Again”) and I made a few slight melodic changes to go with the title. Then I just happened to see this site today and it seemed to fit.

I have been playing the piano and vibraphone for a long time and most of the things I play/practice relate to my own “compositions” (although everything is based on something else!) and I incorporate many things into what I play. My grandmother Edith died at a very early age of breast cancer (and later her husband i.e. my grandfather of colon cancer), and my mother is currently in remission, and so I dedicate this submission to them.

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