Everything Changes – Vin Tufano

I’m a solo artist, songwriter and music publisher. I wrote, sang produced and played the instruments on this track.

This song is very personal to me and is about getting a second chance in life. In 1984 my grandmother passed away from stomach cancer and I also had several friends that died because of this terrible disease and some that actually beat it thank God. I wish that they would find a cure very soon and I wish I could do more than just donate my song. I’m not a religious man but I still pray for the doctors and scientists to find a cure and I also pray for the ones plagued with this horrible disease. And for those of you that are going through this right now I know it’s difficult but please stay positive and don’t ever give up fighting no matter what. I hope my song will help you and make a difference in your life. Thank You I hope you all enjoy my song and if you’d like you can also check out my video for this track on YouTube.com.  Just go to YouTube and type in Jodi Records in the search bar. Thanks Again and may God bless you all.

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