Just One Of Those Days – Kristina LaRae

I am a Christian artist who has performed all over the East coast in various churches, and have performed with Gospel Stars Kefia Rollerson and Brittany Wright. My desire to break down barriers and divisions in the Christian world has given me opportunities to perform for many diverse audiences for many good causes.

One of these causes is the “We Believe Foundation” which helps teens with cancer, and educates teens and families about cancer in young people. I have done multiple fundraising events with this organization to raise money to help with scholarships and to pay for things like prom and graduation costs, and medical bills.

In 2009, my step father was diagnosed with Cancer, and through our family’s work with the We Believe Foundation, we were educated and his cancer was detected early. He was successfully cured through surgery. I strongly believe in education and regular cancer screenings to help prevent death from cancer.

 “Just One of Those Days” was written to help me through some things I didn’t understand. As a child, I was always taught to pray for help with anything- even little things, like losing my keys, but that God was just as responsive to the big challenges in life, and just as in control. If we can put our day into perspective, no matter how bad it is- with God- it’s literally- JUST one of Those days! Tomorrow is always a new day!

Thank you for this opportunity to further help with this cause!

Adagio For Strings – The Waterford School Ensemble

Kathy Morris has been Orchestra Director of the Waterford School for many years, one day hoping her students could perform her favorite song, Samuel Barber’s Adagio For Strings. After a 22-year wait, she was richly rewarded in a recent performance by her Ensemble students. She and The Waterford School generously donate this personally meaningful and treasured version to Songs For Life, hoping it offers cancer patients and survivors the same relief, beauty and inspiration it does to her. All performers are high school students.

Hush – Giovanna Imbesi

“Hush” featuring Toni Peete was written in 2006 while recovering from surgery for neuroendocrine carcinoid cancer. The lyrics were inspired by a very special nurse who was part of my healing team and the song is dedicated to her, Adriana Arienti. It’s meant to inspire peacefulness and quiet in the midst of frightening medical diagnoses, surgery and facing the unknown of cancer treatment.

HUSH, featuring Toni Peete, vocals

Listen now, time to stop your worry now
just hush

Voices still, let the quiet still you now
just hush

Believe and hope will find the way

Never doubt I’m standing near to you
with every breath I’m sending love for you
Trust your heart to know you’re home at last
know that love is all
just hush
just hush
just hush

Open now, let your mind let go now
just hush

So peaceful now, let the stillness soothe you now
just hush

Produced and composed by Giovanna Joyce Imbesi
© 2006 Giovanna Joyce Imbesi

This past year has been a journey of unexplored territory – an opportunity to confront fear and death. It has been a chance to witness an unforeseen inner strength, one which still remains a Mystery to me. Life can change in a moment. For me this was September 26, 2005 – when I was diagnosed with a rare, yet manageable, cancer called neuroendocrine carcinoid. The idea for this CD had been in gestation for many years, yet it was my illness itself which showed me what to do. Sometimes the thing we’re seeking most is already within us, but just hasn’t been deemed worthy enough to be manifested. These meditative pieces were mostly improvisations caught on tape. Over the years, some of these had been written or recorded as gifts – for an ailing child, or a terminally ill parent. Because of my own experience, it occurred to me that others might find healing in these pieces as well. So began the journey of “Short Stories”. Forced to reckon with the healing of my body, I became intimately aware of the smallest details and gestures, found gratitude in little miracles and explored this awakening. I discovered that the physical healing, while extensive, pales in comparison to the blossoming of the heart. Previously unchallenged assumptions about life came tumbling down and I gave myself permission to trust in myself again. I chose to live each moment as a privilege, and embrace the unknown.

I am a composer, pianist and producer and have toured and performed with Dave Koz, Yanni, Anita Baker, Andy Summers from The Police and many others. I truly believe in the power of music to heal and am the founder of the Music Heals! concert series in Los Angeles. I lead the Patient Support group, LACNETS, which provides education and personal support for those diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer and their caregivers.


Photo: Bonnie Perkinson

October – Holly Arballo

I wrote the song, October, in the fall of 2014. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Vermont where fall is the most famous. For this reason, fall has always been my absolute favorite time of year. I love everything about it. On one particular fall day, I was sitting outside, while looking up at the top of all the Aspen trees, marveling at all of the world’s beauty this time of year, and that was when I was first inspired to write this song. To me, its not just about how pretty the surroundings are, but about the feeling this time of year gives me, and also knowing that this was made for me by something even bigger than me. Knowing that when I am alone in the woods experiencing fall, I actually am not really alone at all.

My name is Holly Arballo and I have been playing the guitar and writing songs since I was 13 years old. Growing up around that age, my family was going through a lot of really messy trials and my older brother moved out when he was 16. My brother was truly my best friend growing up. Our parents were divorced since we were very little and they both lived across the country from each other so he and I had traveled together back and forth for years as a little team. We were so close. So of course I was very sad when he left. I would sometimes go and sit in his old bedroom when I was lonely, but there was one thing he left, an old 3-stringed guitar. Sometimes I would try to play it even though it was missing most strings! I started learning just the melody lines with the top string and showed my parents. They decided it was probably about time to put some more strings on the guitar, and then I just sprung from there. I was, and still am self-taught to this day. With a good amount of musical background in my family, I surprisingly still do not know or understand music theory at ALL, so everything I do is by ear. In high school choir, we would have music theory exams and I would fail every single one of them! However, I am currently going to school for music and am excited to be starting to learn and grow more in the industry that I love. But the reason I wanted to participate in this contest is because I have experienced the loss of a few close family friends over the years to cancer. I could never begin to understand what they and their families have gone through. I am so happy to have found a foundation that has made it possible for me to donate and share my talents with. I just hope that whoever hears the songs that I have written, that it will truly inspire them. The reason I write is to inspire, and to remind people of the little things in life that we all sometimes take advantage of. The simple things, the things that, in the end, matter most. There is always something to look up to no matter how hard life can be, and if one person has been reminded of that by listening to what I have written, then to me, I have succeeded.

Listen to the Leaves – Steve Lindeman and friends

The song is called “Listen to the Leaves,” an original composition by Steve Lindeman performed by David Halliday, soprano sax, Scott Wilson, trumpet, Joe Chisholm, trombone, Steve Lyman, drums, Matt Larson on bass, and me (Steve Lindeman) on piano.

I am a Salt Lake City-based keyboardist and composer.

There’s a Power – Lisa Smith and Justin Williams

Lisa teamed up with Justin Williams to write a song that would uplift and inspire those who have been affected by cancer and life altering illnesses. “There’s a Power” is performed by Justin himself who is a cancer survivor. Includes the “One Voice Children’s Choir” and additional credits to Aaron Edson and Masa Fukuda. This song has been performed at events nationwide in the fight against cancer.

Lisa is a wife and mother of 4 with a passion for writing music. Through her music she draws from experiences both personal, and from those who are close to her, as well as her beliefs. “My music comes from the heart, it’s described perfectly when they say, “Music is what feelings sound like”.

Justin had began writing and performing his own music at an early age.  Then while serving a church mission, he was faced with the most troubling and unexpected new of his early adult life, a cancer diagnosis.  With his music career on hold, he set out to conquer his greatest battle.  He did just that and is cancer free!  Justin’s determination has ignited a renewed outlook on life and has given him the fuel to embark on a journey to lift and inspire others who feel hopeless.  Justin was a top 60 contestant on American Idol.  He took part in winning the John Lennon singer songwriter competition- as well as working with Yoko-Ono on a charity peace project for the Children’s Hope Foundation with the One Voice Children’s Choir.

Shattered Dreams – Jennie Bangerter Larsen

“Shattered Dreams” is a song that speaks of the hope we find even when all our dreams seem to be completely gone. Although it was initially written for a dear friend facing tough marital problems, the message of hope and peace through any trial resonates with all of us. I’ve also recently shared this song with another close friend who is facing breast cancer. Her faith and strength has inspired me, and I believe that when we our dreams shatter and we feel scarred for life, we can find hope in the One who truly was scarred for Life. I hope this song brings courage, hope and determination to men and women suffering with cancer or any life-altering hardship for that matter. I know that it is by the Grace of God that we can move beyond shattered dreams.

I’m a wife, mother of 5 and a musician. I’ve lived in Texas for 4 years now and I love it! I love writing and recording music in my spare time (which is sometimes hard to find!). Jazz, christian pop, & country are some of my favorite types of music to play. I love creating music that uplifts and inspires.

Angel Fly – Emily Bea

In 2013, Tyler Robinson, a classmate of mine at Brighton High School, passed away after a valiant bout with cancer. Following his passing, I was immediately inspired to do something special for and in honor of him, after seeing the many posts via social media expressing the incredible friend and example that Tyler was.

Although Ty lost his battle to cancer, his influence and example has and continues to inspire many. Because of my faith and beliefs, I know that pain and suffering does not last forever and that Tyler is now free from the discomfort he dealt with through his battle with cancer. I gain comfort in the knowledge that, although we sometimes don’t understand the “whys”, we know that we will see him again.

My name is Emily Bea. I am a 19 year-old, singer/songwriter, from Salt Lake City, Utah. Music has always been a big part of my life- something that has brought healing and peace in life’s hardest moments. Through music I hope to be able to provide that same peace and comfort to families and individuals who are struggling.