I Wanna Be Where You Are – Camron Crowe

My name is Camron. I have always appreciated how music can make us feel so many emotions. I love writing music and watching how each song I have different struggles in making it complete. I think it is so amazing how we change with the music that we listen to and even act differently. My song is called “I Wanna Be Where You Are”.

This song is about a special person that you care about that you always want to be with. I think we all have someone who makes us feel special and of course you want to be around that person and reciprocate that kindness. My Nana passed away due to cancer and I don’t think anyone deserves to have a loved one taken too soon. I hope that my music can be helpful to others so please vote. Thank you 🙂

Life is Sailing – Marilyn Duncan

“Life is Sailing” was written while I lived in Nova Scotia, Canada and recorded on my first album, “Old Friends and Lovers.” It features myself on vocals and acoustic guitar, Graham Duncan on electric guitar, Harry Daley on bass, and Michael Patrick Galante on percussion. It is a meditative piece, focusing on the universality of life.

I am a singer/songwriter and President of Soona Songs, Inc., an independent record label located in Jonesborough, Tennessee. I have released two albums of my own songs, and produced and engineered albums for our Soona Songs artists, as well as outside clients.

Prior to my full time music career, I worked for the National Cancer Institute as a Program Specialist. I graduated from the University of Texas, Austin with a B.A. in English, have been married 44 years, have two children and two grandsons. We have lived in Texas, Nova Scotia, Maryland, Toronto, Maryland again, Texas again and now Tennessee.

I Can Do This – Kerilyn Johnson

I am a music lover, voice teacher, yoga enthusiast and ice cream connoisseur.  For work I sing and teach. In my free time I teach and sing! As a mom of six I am blessed beyond belief and want to share my love of life through music.

When I was younger, I thought that life problems were something other people had. Now that I’ve had a little more experience, it is pretty clear that each one of us will have a difficult road to travel at some point. This song to me is a reminder that whether it’s cancer or another form of adversity, we can do this.

All I Need – Katie Ainge

2013-07-11 11.06.36-2I started writing music at a young age and performing since the age of 14. My parents were always very encouraging and supportive and my father quickly stepped into the role if manager, producer, booking agent, and number one fan. Over the 8 years and hundreds of shows my dad has always been there cheering for me. I struggled through depression, anxiety and a battle for self worth. But one of the hardest parts was walking with my Dad through his cancer diagnosis and treatment.

In my senior year of High School I encountered God in a very real way. I was immediately inspired to write songs for Him and to lay my burdens down. I knew God would always be strong even when things of this world are weak. I wrote the song “All I Need” about God’s love for me enduring through all the things that may happen and the realization that He is truly all I need.

Sleeper’s Reef – Ben Kingwell

Sleepers Reef is an instrumental piece of music I wrote last year. It has some deep meanings for me. Writing music is my life, and all of my music has some meaning behind it and helps me express my emotions. I am 21 years old and my dream is to write music for film. Music has been my life since I can remember, and still is to this day. I have my second album due out October 1st.

Most Beautiful Girl – Duolusions of Grandeur

“Most Beautiful Girl” is our re-work of a song from another famous duo – the Flight of the Conchords. Like Steve and Tom, it’s funny and short. This cut was expensive to record – mostly because we laughed ourselves silly when Jordan, our percussionist, attempted to float some beatbox over the top of the groove. Listen for it in the bridge. We tried to make up a heartfelt story about how this song is uplifting or inspirational. To be honest, we love to play it because it makes us smile. Hope it does the same for you.


Anyway – by Kerilyn Johnson

I am a music lover, voice teacher, yoga enthusiast and ice cream connoisseur.  For work I sing and teach. In my free time I teach and sing! As a mom of six I am blessed beyond belief and want to share my love of life through music.

The Martina McBride hit song “Anyway” immediately became my motto.  “You can spend your whole life singing a song you believe in, that tomorrow they’ll forget you ever sang- SING IT ANYWAY”.  Hearing the stories of friends who have gone through cancer, the message in this song speaks even more loudly- live life fully- “Anyway”.

I Will Say Goodbye (So Long Dex) – by Jenny Ahlstrom

My name is Jenny and I’m a multiple myeloma (blood cancer) survivor, diagnosed in 2010. After tandem stem cell transplants, I went on maintenance therapy that include a steroid called dexamethasone. “Dex,” as most myeloma patients call it, is a devil of a drug. It makes you stay up all night, makes you hyper-obsessive and let’s just say it’s not the greatest drug to be on if you want peaceful family relationships. Being on Dex was like being in a bad co-dependent relationship. You see some upside to it all, but are pretty convinced that it’s in your best interest to end it sooner rather than later. I wrote and recorded this song to say goodbye to my myeloma-killing but rage-inducing friend, Dex.