There’s a Power – Lisa Smith and Justin Williams

Lisa teamed up with Justin Williams to write a song that would uplift and inspire those who have been affected by cancer and life altering illnesses. “There’s a Power” is performed by Justin himself who is a cancer survivor. Includes the “One Voice Children’s Choir” and additional credits to Aaron Edson and Masa Fukuda. This song has been performed at events nationwide in the fight against cancer.

Lisa is a wife and mother of 4 with a passion for writing music. Through her music she draws from experiences both personal, and from those who are close to her, as well as her beliefs. “My music comes from the heart, it’s described perfectly when they say, “Music is what feelings sound like”.

Justin had began writing and performing his own music at an early age.  Then while serving a church mission, he was faced with the most troubling and unexpected new of his early adult life, a cancer diagnosis.  With his music career on hold, he set out to conquer his greatest battle.  He did just that and is cancer free!  Justin’s determination has ignited a renewed outlook on life and has given him the fuel to embark on a journey to lift and inspire others who feel hopeless.  Justin was a top 60 contestant on American Idol.  He took part in winning the John Lennon singer songwriter competition- as well as working with Yoko-Ono on a charity peace project for the Children’s Hope Foundation with the One Voice Children’s Choir.

Super Man – Pete Reddan

Super Man was written as a book end to another song I wrote called Off To War. This song is about a fiction character leaving the war zone and headed back home after loosing a friend in battle as well as the struggles that deployment can place on a marriage.

I am a family man with a rebel soul and a guitar for weapon. I try to write songs as a hobby, my real life profession is being a Lt Col and Pilot in the USAF.

Weary Side of Life – Carolyn Harley

Weary Side of Life is a simple song that speaks to the sense of never feeling alone. When life gets difficult it is knowing that someone in your life and a god of your own understanding is always with you. I have been writing since I was a young mother and I consider myself a late bloomer because in my recent retirement.  I am pursuing my music through performances and organizing benefits and special events. I believe in the power of music to motivate and inspire.

Never Give Up – Carol Tedrow and Tony Fields

After my husband Jim Tedrow was diagnosed in July 2007 with Stage 4 esophageal cancer at the age of 57, I was motivated to produce a cancer specific motivational song to help cancer patients keep their spirits uplifted. Jim’s never give up attitude and ability to continue enjoying our life together was inspiring to me and those around him. A valiant warrior in the fight, he passed away in February of 2009, living 19 months despite a three to six month prognosis.

Other than love and music, I thought the only other thing everyone could relate to is cancer, rather it be parents, a spouse, brother, sister, child, friend, co-worker. I collaborated with Tony Fields and Doug Decker, and “Never Give Up, No Never Give Up” was produced. Tony and I co-wrote the lyrics, while Doug composed the music. It’s a narrative ballad, a beautiful day, sun shining bright when the doctor called and test results were in…

Get Up Again – Tony Frates

This instrumental piece started just over the past few weeks (in October of 2014) and was just recorded for the first time a few days ago in early November. Frustrated by several things that didn’t go the way I would have liked, its working title was “Bulldozed” but as I started to play with it more, it morphed into something more positive and hopeful than that and more in the category of “don’t give up” and hence the title (“Get Up Again”) and I made a few slight melodic changes to go with the title. Then I just happened to see this site today and it seemed to fit.

I have been playing the piano and vibraphone for a long time and most of the things I play/practice relate to my own “compositions” (although everything is based on something else!) and I incorporate many things into what I play. My grandmother Edith died at a very early age of breast cancer (and later her husband i.e. my grandfather of colon cancer), and my mother is currently in remission, and so I dedicate this submission to them.

Shattered Dreams – Jennie Bangerter Larsen

“Shattered Dreams” is a song that speaks of the hope we find even when all our dreams seem to be completely gone. Although it was initially written for a dear friend facing tough marital problems, the message of hope and peace through any trial resonates with all of us. I’ve also recently shared this song with another close friend who is facing breast cancer. Her faith and strength has inspired me, and I believe that when we our dreams shatter and we feel scarred for life, we can find hope in the One who truly was scarred for Life. I hope this song brings courage, hope and determination to men and women suffering with cancer or any life-altering hardship for that matter. I know that it is by the Grace of God that we can move beyond shattered dreams.

I’m a wife, mother of 5 and a musician. I’ve lived in Texas for 4 years now and I love it! I love writing and recording music in my spare time (which is sometimes hard to find!). Jazz, christian pop, & country are some of my favorite types of music to play. I love creating music that uplifts and inspires.

They Said Yeah – Stephen Monroe

In 2008 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I had to go in for surgery and had 6 months of chemo after that. I had been playing at a bar in Council Bluffs, Iowa opening for all kinds of rock acts although I was a solo acoustic player. The people that had been booking me put on a show, a benefit for me a couple of months after surgery with bands all night that donated their time. I wrote “They Said Yeah” in response top their generosity and have since played it on local radio station here in Omaha each year for the Colon Cancer Awareness show with Steve King on CD105. We share our stories and urge people to get checked out. Its a thank you song for all the people that give along the way.,

I’m Stephen Monroe from Omaha, Nebraska and I’m one of those singer/songwriter people. I perform solo in the area and love to sing and play guitar. I got the bug early watching my big brothers play while I was in junior high and I got to playing right out of high school. I did the bar scene, playing bass guitar and singing for 20 years. I quit, but I had started to write and had one band release a 45 ( yup) of 2 of my songs…for promo purposes really. I started playing solo and writing more in church and evolved into a guitar player in a couple of duos. I got tired of dragging people along and went solo and have been ever since. I have been writing this whole time, released 2 CDs myself and wrote all the tunes on both. The latest “Driving the Sky Highway” I played all the instruments, wrote all the songs and guitar/keyboard parts, recorded and mixed it myself. I was born on John Lennon’s 13th birthday and I don’t figure on quitting any time soon. I was raised on good hard driving electronic blues, matured in southern rock and cured in classic American roots music. I hope you enjoy what I do as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.