I Can Do This – Kerilyn Johnson

I am a music lover, voice teacher, yoga enthusiast and ice cream connoisseur.  For work I sing and teach. In my free time I teach and sing! As a mom of six I am blessed beyond belief and want to share my love of life through music.

When I was younger, I thought that life problems were something other people had. Now that I’ve had a little more experience, it is pretty clear that each one of us will have a difficult road to travel at some point. This song to me is a reminder that whether it’s cancer or another form of adversity, we can do this.

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  1. El
    El says:

    You had me from the first. But the tears started when you started with the woman packing her bags…being a survivor or sever domestic volience for 27 years who finally found a way out 14 years ago….THANK YOU FOR THIS SONG that touches all people who suffer from all kinds of adversities in life.


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