Blue Tattoo – Darren Ewing

I wrote, and recorded, this song in 2009, with a mouth full of braces (hence the occasional flat note, here and there.) 2009 was to be the launching pad of my acting and music career, but a series of disappointments early on, left me with nothing but time, and frustration. I turned that summer into one of inspiration instead. I decided to take control of my own career, and not leave my success in the hands of others. I started writing several songs, all about heartache, and disappointment, but all with a sense of humor, because, who likes whining? Nobody. I wrote, produced, and played all of the instruments on this recording, even though I didn’t have a clue how to write, play, or record anything.

All of my songs are written from the standpoint of a character, who is not me. The character in this song has his heart broken, and decides to get a tattoo, so that he can remember the past, and look forward to the future. This song is called Blue Tattoo. I hope it makes you smile.

I am on Ogden born artist, husband, and Father. My current claim to fame is being known as the “Oh My God” Guy in a movie called Troll 2. I’ve since been in 10 other films, and my band, Dizzy Desoto has taken on a life of it’s own since I created it in the above section. Google my name, or watch the Netflix Documentary Best Worst Movie to fill in the details.

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  1. kendonegan
    kendonegan says:

    This is a great song. It is a blast to play on the bass, tells a wellprojected story, and has the cha cha cha ending of a bygone era. What’s not to like?


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