Most Beautiful Girl – Duolusions of Grandeur

“Most Beautiful Girl” is our re-work of a song from another famous duo – the Flight of the Conchords. Like Steve and Tom, it’s funny and short. This cut was expensive to record – mostly because we laughed ourselves silly when Jordan, our percussionist, attempted to float some beatbox over the top of the groove. Listen for it in the bridge. We tried to make up a heartfelt story about how this song is uplifting or inspirational. To be honest, we love to play it because it makes us smile. Hope it does the same for you.


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  1. […] This is by far our funniest song contribution to date for the new Songs For Life contest supporting myeloma research. We think it’s even better than the original cover! Listen and “like” the Duolusions version of “The Most Beautiful girl. […]

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