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Smile – Andy Shelton

My version of an old standard. Seems like a fitting song for those facing health challenges. FAMILY: I live in Frisco, Texas with my wonderful wife Sarah and our three incredible children. RELIGION: I’m an active member of the LDS church. HOBBIES: Songwriting and Poetry (http://adifferentmanspoetry.blogspot.com/) EDUCATION: MBA, Western Governors University EMPLOYMENT: http://www.linkedin.com/in/JosephAndrewShelton

Girl I Wanna Be – China Khoral

My name is China Khoral and I am almost seventeen. The reason I decided that I wanted to send in my song to Songs for Life was because although I don’t have cancer, I have an inherited bleeding disorder that affects my every day life. Consequently, some things are difficult for me to do and […]

Silent Night – Shawn Thomas Odyssey

Silent Night (not the Christmas Carol) is a song about expanding…inwardly and outwardly. Opening. Letting go. Transforming and merging. A kind of beckoning from a deeper perspective. Though it is on my new album, it is one of the oldest tracks–one so personal it took me nearly a decade to release. The song is meant […]

She Walks In Beauty – Joel Ansett

My name is Joel Ansett and I’m a singer/songwriter living in Denver, CO. My creativity motto is inspired by Emily Dickinson: “Tell the Truth, tell it slant.” Music aside, I love my wife, mountains, college basketball, and lemonade. A few years ago my sister and I wrote a song to encourage our mother in her […]

Here’s To Being Happy – Erica McCann

This song is called “Here’s to Being Happy” and was written about the challenges associated with depression. It’s message is meant to uplift and inspire those who may be struggling, and is a reminder that we can choose to be happy.  I’m donating it to cancer research because I’m hoping it can uplift those who […]

Golden Leaves – Louise Barron

This is a country rock song from my very first EP “Rainbows In My Mind”. The song is called “Golden Leaves” and it’s about that feeling that loved ones that you have lost are still there with you and guiding you from afar. I hope you like it! I am a 50 year old Breast […]