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How Long Lord – Sue Watts

HOW LONG LORD – I got the inspiration for this song a few years ago after I had read in the Bible where the souls there had said ”How long oh Lord” until our companions come? The Lord comforted them by saying just wait a little longer. This started me thinking about what a great […]

I Will Listen – Diana Hallare

 This song, “I’ll Listen”  is an original by me, Diana Hallare. I dedicate it to patients and survivors of cancer/rare disease, as well as their loved ones and caregivers — who all need a compassionate ear and a supportive community. A few years ago, I did my thesis about cancer patients, survivors, and their beloved […]

I Am Not My Pain – Diana Hallare

My version of the song, “I Am Not My Pain” written by Jenny Ahlstrom, is dedicated to people who have experienced cancer and/or rare disease as well as their loved ones whose hearts also bear the pain. These individuals include family friends, even the ones in heaven: their lives and legacies still shine as an […]

I am Not My Pain – Luke Hopkins

This song is dedicated to Jenny Ahlstrom who I met after donating a song to songs for life. Jenny is amazing for her strength and passion about helping others get through cancer with hope through music and building a community of support. I had never heard of myeloma but after visiting her blog and reading […]