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There’s a Power – Lisa Smith and Justin Williams

Lisa teamed up with Justin Williams to write a song that would uplift and inspire those who have been affected by cancer and life altering illnesses. “There’s a Power” is performed by Justin himself who is a cancer survivor. Includes the “One Voice Children’s Choir” and additional credits to Aaron Edson and Masa Fukuda. This […]

Super Man – Pete Reddan

Super Man was written as a book end to another song I wrote called Off To War. This song is about a fiction character leaving the war zone and headed back home after loosing a friend in battle as well as the struggles that deployment can place on a marriage. I am a family man […]

I Am Not My Pain – Jenny Ahlstrom

During my transplant I remember wondering if the doctors or nursing staff knew what I was like. What I was really like. I felt like I looked like everyone else – bald, tired and pretty sickly. I was “the patient.” I had a medical record number that I recited when I visited the clinic. The […]

Get Up Again – Tony Frates

This instrumental piece started just over the past few weeks (in October of 2014) and was just recorded for the first time a few days ago in early November. Frustrated by several things that didn’t go the way I would have liked, its working title was “Bulldozed” but as I started to play with it […]