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I’ll Never Stop Loving You – Eve Soto

The song I’ll Never Stop Loving is about unconditional timeless love… That comes in many forms. Eve Soto is a highly sought after vocalist whose professional music conquest includes collaborations with Crave Records (owned by Mariah Carey, Universal records, Sony records, (Various independent record labels), American Idol Contestants (Travis Orlando & Ashley Flow, Vocal coach […]

Tightrope – Eve Soto

Eve Soto’s is a highly sought vocalist whose graceful vocal style is dynamic and timeless. The song Tightrope is  written by Eve Soto and is about the challenges  that we have to face in life alone. We have our faith our religion and belief in ourselves and this gives us the courage to move forward. […]

Everything Changes – Vin Tufano

I’m a solo artist, songwriter and music publisher. I wrote, sang produced and played the instruments on this track. This song is very personal to me and is about getting a second chance in life. In 1984 my grandmother passed away from stomach cancer and I also had several friends that died because of this […]

Adagio For Strings – The Waterford School Ensemble

Kathy Morris has been Orchestra Director of the Waterford School for many years, one day hoping her students could perform her favorite song, Samuel Barber’s Adagio For Strings. After a 22-year wait, she was richly rewarded in a recent performance by her Ensemble students. She and The Waterford School generously donate this personally meaningful and […]