Angel Fly – Emily Bea

In 2013, Tyler Robinson, a classmate of mine at Brighton High School, passed away after a valiant bout with cancer. Following his passing, I was immediately inspired to do something special for and in honor of him, after seeing the many posts via social media expressing the incredible friend and example that Tyler was.

Although Ty lost his battle to cancer, his influence and example has and continues to inspire many. Because of my faith and beliefs, I know that pain and suffering does not last forever and that Tyler is now free from the discomfort he dealt with through his battle with cancer. I gain comfort in the knowledge that, although we sometimes don’t understand the “whys”, we know that we will see him again.

My name is Emily Bea. I am a 19 year-old, singer/songwriter, from Salt Lake City, Utah. Music has always been a big part of my life- something that has brought healing and peace in life’s hardest moments. Through music I hope to be able to provide that same peace and comfort to families and individuals who are struggling.

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