Passing Through – Kirstie Lane

Passing Through is a song I wrote when I was going through a really hard time in my life: emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It’s a song about realizing that the moment you are in will pass and that life is a journey.

I’m Kirstie Lane. I’m a songwriter/actress/model living in Nashville. I love rollerblading and watching wildlife documentaries. Other than that I’m not very interesting. 😉

Smile – Andy Shelton

My version of an old standard. Seems like a fitting song for those facing health challenges.

FAMILY: I live in Frisco, Texas with my wonderful wife Sarah and our three incredible children.

RELIGION: I’m an active member of the LDS church.

HOBBIES: Songwriting and Poetry (

EDUCATION: MBA, Western Governors University


Every Day Is A Gift – Patricia Bahia

As an ovarian cancer survivor, I am one of the lucky few to be alive and cancer free eleven years post treatment. Going through surgery and chemotherapy treatments, I became acutely aware of how precious life is. And I found a renewed appreciation of simple things like being able to eat an apple, watch a sunset, or dance. My song, Every Day is a Gift, is a celebration of life.

Patricia Bahia (pronounced ba-HEE-yah) is singer-songwriter and ovarian cancer survivor who creates catchy piano-based pop songs that celebrate life’s struggles and triumphs.

Patricia’s music combines elements of pop, singer-songwriter, with hints of country and soul, to create sparkling gems of piano-based pop songs. Her inspiring lyrics and catchy melodies are delivered with a voice “as smooth as a polished stone that has been through the rock tumbler of life.”

Patricia started her career as a soloist with the acclaimed Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir–recording with Linda Ronstadt, performing with Joan Baez, and opening for Bonnie Raitt. A former litigation attorney and entrepreneur, Patricia left the corporate world after a successful battle with ovarian cancer eleven years ago caused her to re-examine her priorities and to discover her “bucket list” desire to write songs. She credits her illness with the discovery of her songwriting voice, and credits music with her recovery.

“In the process of healing, I discovered my voice as a songwriter. Music was a huge part of my recovery, and it saves my life every day,” says Patricia.

Her music resonates with cancer survivors and regular folks alike, who find inspiration, solace, and hope through her catchy melodies, expressive voice and soulful lyrics.

Now healed, Patricia is on a mission to spread love, healing, joy and peace through the power of words and music–and to inspire others to follow their dreams and live artistically.

Girl I Wanna Be – China Khoral

My name is China Khoral and I am almost seventeen. The reason I decided that I wanted to send in my song to Songs for Life was because although I don’t have cancer, I have an inherited bleeding disorder that affects my every day life. Consequently, some things are difficult for me to do and sometimes going through a day can be a struggle. As a result, I can relate to cancer patients in that their everyday life is not an easy stroll, but more of a steep hike that they take one step at a time. Though I have this quirk I do not let it stop me. I dance, sing, act, write, play sports, paint, draw, and lead a technical theater crew. I enjoy both sides of the stage and have come to live by this motto that “The harder I work the more luck I have.”

“Girl I Wanna Be” is about when I was being bullied through the end of elementary and throughout junior high. I was judged because of my personality, the way I dressed, and the fact that I liked to do what the boys did. Towards the end of my seventh grade year I was physically bullied by a boy twice my size. I was injured in such a way that my feet were two inches out of alinement. This was what broke me and taught me to forget what other thought and just be me.

A year ago I started taking composing lessons and made the choice to tell my story through music. I hope that through this song others may be able to stand, let their flame burn, and be the person they wanna be. This is my song for life.

Fly With Me – Molly Bohman

My song is called “Fly With Me”. I wrote it around the time my mother passed away from pancreatic cancer. The first verse represent those of us left behind and our longing to be with our loved ones in that peaceful place in the heavens. The second verse actually takes us there. My intent was to take the listener far away to where they can be free from the confusion and pain of this life and spend some time with the angels who have left us.

I live in Herriman, Utah with my wonderful husband and 6 beautiful daughters. In my spare time, I create music. I love combining classical music with electronic sounds and trying to put my thoughts and feelings into a song. I know that music can heal and uplift, and I really try to connect with people in a way that they can find the healing they need and receive the inspiration they are looking for.

Where Love Is – Marty Cummings

“Where There Is Love” is a song that came to me while on a road trip. It is a song about hope and trusting in the love that Jesus has for us all! I believe it is a song for everyone as we all need true love. On this particular song, I am playing and singing all of the tracks.

I have been a singer/songwriter for many years. I have two completed all original CD’s, a third CD in the mixing stage and a fourth CD in the recording stage. All original! I play guitar & sing for two different praise teams! I have been in many bands through the years and I am a seasoned player! I am always eager for a new song to come to my heart! I never worry about dry spells, God does not let me down!

On another personal note, I lost my stepfather to cancer 5 years ago. I also wrote a song for him called “Bill’s Song”. It too came to me on the trip to Ohio for the funeral. I sang it at the funeral and I believe my stepfather loved it!

Silent Night – Shawn Thomas Odyssey

Silent Night (not the Christmas Carol) is a song about expanding…inwardly and outwardly. Opening. Letting go. Transforming and merging. A kind of beckoning from a deeper perspective. Though it is on my new album, it is one of the oldest tracks–one so personal it took me nearly a decade to release. The song is meant to be a kind of journey from one state of being into another, and a reminder of who we are.

Known for his work as co-composer for HBO’s Deadwood, Shawn Thomas Odyssey is also the author of the Edgar and Agatha award nominated and internationally-selling book series “The Oona Crate Mysteries”– (The Wizard Of Dark Street)– Magical/mysteries for young readers. A veteran of film scoring, his dedication to musical storytelling has helped bring such soundtracks to life as Deadwood (HBO), Without a Trace (CBS), Blood And Chocolate (Lakeshore), and Land Of The Dead (Universal Pictures), as well as the video game Kung Fu Panda (Activision/Dreamworks). He has been writing and recording music for over twenty-five years, and his latest album “Something In My Head” is available on iTunes, Amazon, and at most other online music retailers.

She Walks In Beauty – Joel Ansett

My name is Joel Ansett and I’m a singer/songwriter living in Denver, CO. My creativity motto is inspired by Emily Dickinson: “Tell the Truth, tell it slant.” Music aside, I love my wife, mountains, college basketball, and lemonade.

A few years ago my sister and I wrote a song to encourage our mother in her own battles with breast cancer. A few weeks ago we decided to release the song to the public in hopes of encouraging more women who are walking through cancer. The song is called “She Walks in Beauty.” The goals for the song are 1) for every woman who is battling breast cancer to hear the song and find healing and hope in knowing that even as their bodies fail them, in Christ they are offered an eternal beauty that will never perish, spoil, or fade; and 2) for the song to be a fundraising engine for charitable organizations helping women fight through breast cancer.

For these first two months of the song release, all of the profit made from song sales will be donated to an amazing charity called Little Pink Houses of Hope. After those two months pass, another charity will be chosen to receive funds from the song, and another charity after that. It is my hope that everyone battling breast cancer will hear this song and be encouraged with the promise that even as their physical beauty fades and their bodies fail, there is beauty in their suffering. The real kind. The kind of beauty that lasts. Beauty that is brave in the face of tragedy. Beauty deeper than our eyes can see. The song promises that “She who walks in beauty, walks on.” We want this song to be an anthem of hope for breast cancer patients.

I hope this song can serve as a tribute to the thousands of women who are walking in true beauty in the midst of their battle with cancer.


Here’s To Being Happy – Erica McCann

This song is called “Here’s to Being Happy” and was written about the challenges associated with depression. It’s message is meant to uplift and inspire those who may be struggling, and is a reminder that we can choose to be happy.  I’m donating it to cancer research because I’m hoping it can uplift those who are dealing with cancer and other trials, and help them remember to find the good in life, despite how hard it can be.

My name is Erica McCann and I’m a singer/songwriter. I’ve been writing music for over 12 years, and love having the opportunity to share my gift with others. I’ve performed on three Jenny Phillips CD’s (after winning 1st Place in her vocal competition), won 1st Place and the People’s Choice Award for songwriting at the Newnan, Georgia Kiwanis Talent Show Case, and have performed with various groups, including the Army Ground Forces Jazz Band. I love what I do, and love finding opportunities to do it.