Anyway – by Kerilyn Johnson

I am a music lover, voice teacher, yoga enthusiast and ice cream connoisseur.  For work I sing and teach. In my free time I teach and sing! As a mom of six I am blessed beyond belief and want to share my love of life through music.

The Martina McBride hit song “Anyway” immediately became my motto.  “You can spend your whole life singing a song you believe in, that tomorrow they’ll forget you ever sang- SING IT ANYWAY”.  Hearing the stories of friends who have gone through cancer, the message in this song speaks even more loudly- live life fully- “Anyway”.

I Will Say Goodbye (So Long Dex) – by Jenny Ahlstrom

My name is Jenny and I’m a multiple myeloma (blood cancer) survivor, diagnosed in 2010. After tandem stem cell transplants, I went on maintenance therapy that include a steroid called dexamethasone. “Dex,” as most myeloma patients call it, is a devil of a drug. It makes you stay up all night, makes you hyper-obsessive and let’s just say it’s not the greatest drug to be on if you want peaceful family relationships. Being on Dex was like being in a bad co-dependent relationship. You see some upside to it all, but are pretty convinced that it’s in your best interest to end it sooner rather than later. I wrote and recorded this song to say goodbye to my myeloma-killing but rage-inducing friend, Dex.